Floral Designs for Weddings and Occasions

August 14th, 2014

TopBlogKimWelcome to The Cutting Garden at Flora Grubb Gardens. We are delighted to provide flowers for weddings and special occasions of all kinds. Our floral designer, Susie Nadler, will work with you to create beautiful custom designs for your event using seasonal, California-grown flowers and plants.

Susie and The Cutting Garden are available for events and weddings in 2014 and 2015. At this time, however, The Cutting Garden is not equipped to accommodate requests for single-bouquet deliveries.

If you would like to inquire about availability or schedule a consultation, please email Susie@floragrubb.com with details about your event (if you have them), including date, location, and number of guests expected.

In the meantime, you can enjoy photos and descriptions of Susie’s work below, or visit her Flickr portfolio here.

Tara and Cina

August 14th, 2014

March is my new favorite month for weddings. Blooming branches, lush greenery and herbs, ruffly ranunculus and fresh creamy white anemones… misty weather, cool sunlight on ceremony photos, and indoor venues with cozy lighting. I love it all. Tara and Cina were married at the lovely Mill Valley Outdoor Art Club last spring, and I’m finally getting around to posting these wonderful photos shared by Green Vintage Photography. Thanks to the unstoppable team of Alysia Marie, Max Gill, and Julie Benjamin for helping put this one together.



Mother’s Day Weekend Pop-up at Ritual Coffee on Valencia

April 29th, 2014

This year you can treat your mom to some Cutting Garden beauty for Mother’s Day; stop by Ritual Coffee’s Valencia Street café (1026 Valencia, between 21st and 22nd) on the Saturday of Mother’s Day weekend and pick up a bouquet with your latte. We use only seasonal, California-grown flowers and plants, including live succulents that can be planted in your mother’s garden. $48 for each bouquet. Get ‘em while they’re hot!

Cutting Garden Mother’s Day Pop-up Shop
Ritual Coffee Roasters, 1026 Valencia St (between 21st and 22nd)
Saturday, May 10, 9:30am-3pm


Photo by Braedon Flynn.

Cara and Ryan

March 31st, 2014

Cara and Ryan’s wedding was a surprise — not to them, fortunately! — but to their guests, most of whom believed they’d been invited to an engagement party. Instead the couple got married right then and there, at Cookhouse in North Beach, a lovely little apartment and event space upstairs from Vesuvio, the legendary beat writer hangout. As you can imagine, this made for some amazing photos. Of course I love the setting — I grew up here in San Francisco and fancied myself a literary kid, so I used to hang out at City Lights in high school, brooding over serious texts — but my favorite shots are actually of Cara arriving at the party decked out in a glorious gown with her bouquet. So much joy. These guys were lots of fun to work with. Their photographer, Bethany Carlson, was kind enough to share her work.

Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0008

Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0015

Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-bridal portraits-0100

Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0017

Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0012

Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0007Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-bridal portraits-0027

Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0019Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-bridal portraits-0098
Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-bridal portraits-0110Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-ceremony-0146Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0020Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0023Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-for Susie-0024Cara and Ryan s wedding Photo s by Bethany Carlson-reception-0145

Ella and Chris

March 26th, 2014

Sometimes it’s fun when a client comes in with a blank slate and asks us to come up with a wedding design. Creative license is so freeing! But I also love a challenge, and when Ella told me her ideas for this wedding, I was soooo excited to bring them to life. The “theme” of the wedding was Alice in Wonderland, encompassing both the whimsical and the bizarre. “Creepy-beautiful” was the way Ella described it: “half pretty tea party, half Tim Burton.” Right down to her bouquet, which she’d hoped would fade from soft pinks to deep purple and horticultural black, with lots of unexpected textures along the way. Orchids were a no-brainer. Protea too. Carnivorous plants? Oh yes. We had fun with this one. Congratulations, Ella and Chris, and thanks to photographer Gabriel Harber for sharing these moody and luscious shots.



The reception was a “mad tea party,” so the guests were encouraged to wear outrageous hats. We made a floral headpiece for Ella using a crytopanthus, orchids and succulents, some mosses and lichen, a bat flower, and a few carnivorous sarracenia pitchers.





Of course we couldn’t do an Alice in Wonderland wedding without the reddest of garden roses.




I just couldn’t help but break my California-grown-only rule for the fiddlehead ferns from Hawaii and red protea from New Zealand. They were too perfect for this wedding! Couldn’t pass them up. The bridesmaids each carried a large red protea bloom with a black-and-white striped bow.







Kim and Ben

March 19th, 2014

Kim and Ben’s wedding, at Westerbeke Ranch in Sonoma in the height of summer, was lovely and lush, with a palette of creamy neutrals and vibrant greens, but with grasses, succulents, and air plants to echo the dry golden beauty of those hills in the warm weather. I had the pleasure to work again with the lovely and talented Kate Harrison on this one. Thanks for sharing the photos, Kate! And congratulations to these two adorable, creative people. We loved working with you guys.


















Meghan and Emily

February 13th, 2014

Another autumn beauty… two lovely ladies up at Olympia’s Valley, a dairy farm in Petaluma with an old Victorian farmhouse and some crazy golden light. Thanks to photographer Gretchen Gause for capturing it all so beautifully and sharing the photos with us. Congratulations, Meghan and Emily!








Isn’t the fanned-out eucalyptus on the archway so amazing? My friend Alysia Marie installed the design; you can see more of her work here.





Marianne and Devin

February 10th, 2014

When this sweet couple was married at Cavallo Point Lodge last October, I got to play around with the autumnal palette, which I love to do. The challenge in fall weddings is designing with the glorious burnt foliage and rich earthy colors without making anything feel too harvest-y. For this one we incorporated some soft mint greens, blush and peach (all of which are very hot now, color-wise, for weddings) and then an unexpected note of maroon, which the bride wanted and I was skeptical about at first. But it turned out so pretty! Cavallo Point, with its old military buildings and grassy coastal setting, is one of my favorite places to work. Thanks to the fabulous Kate Harrison for capturing everything so beautifully in these photos; also loved working with Lisa McNichol from And Something Blue. If you’re getting married anytime soon, put both these ladies on your list to call.



















Priyanka and Rohan

January 10th, 2014

Priyanka and Rohan’s wedding was so much fun to work on… tons of color; giant, beautiful organic dahlias and garden roses direct from my favorite growers; and the backdrop of the Academy of Sciences, one of my favorite places in the city. Thanks to photographer Julie Weisberg for sharing her lovely shots!



Priyanka’s gown was such a knockout. I love the way the detail of the beading echoes the detail of her henna… but then you’re reading this for the flowers, right? Okay, okay. Dahlias, garden roses, and California-grown orchids in vibrant, warm shades; abelia, eucalyptus, asparagus plumosa; and some succulent rosettes in ocean blues and greens.










For Priyanka’s bouquet she wanted something simple and romantic: a bouquet of dusty pink garden roses with a blousy bow. I usually make bouquets with lots of texture and unexpected forms, so I loved making this, so classic and elegant.


A Little Inspiration for your Holiday Home

December 14th, 2013

We thought it might be fun to collect some favorite photos from Cutting Garden weddings to provide some inspiration for your holiday décor, from table to tree. Take a look below and find some outside-the-box ideas for decorating this Christmas.


Foraging for mossy branches is such a fun winter family activity; look for minty green lichen with hints of golden orange for color. You can glue or wire succulent cuttings or tillandsia air plants onto your branches and lay them down the center of a long table for a living conversation piece that will last for weeks. Just give it a nice mist of water every few days to keep it looking happy. Floral wire (sometimes called bindwire) is a good tool for attaching the plants to your branches. For succulent cuttings without stems, you can always just use a hot glue gun! It won’t hurt the plant; just peel off the scarred area when you’re ready to plant the succulent again in your garden.


For a long table, it’s fun to play with the shape of your arrangement. We made a kind of double-sided cornucopia here with a block of floral foam wrapped with burlap. The look of flowers spilling out both sides was festive and warm.


If you’re going for a rustic look, scour ebay or flea markets for centerpiece containers. If you search “cheese crate” you can find little boxes like these imprinted with old lettering. Fill the little box with a few party-size plastic cups to hold your water; use scotch tape in a grid over the mouth of each up to make a homemade floral “frog” for arranging your stems. You can include succulent cuttings from your garden (pierced with wire to give them a “stem”) in among the fresh flowers, then give them away to guests, who can plant them in their own gardens once the other flowers have faded.


It’s easy to save some scraps to dress up your serving platters; even a little effortless detail like this can make a cocktail party feel so inviting.


Succulent rosettes (soil and roots removed), moss and some asparagus fern can dress up a buffet table too. Fill an unconventional planter (like the little drawer pictured here) or just lay them on the table with some rocks to weigh down the moss.


If you can dig up some old bottles, this is a pretty way to display them, along the back of a table with your buffet plates or hors d’oeurves at their feet. Pale colors and metallics are a nice alternative to the traditional holiday palette. We gilded some baby pomegranates for this tabletop using a non-toxic edible spray like this one (usually for cake decorating).


Lanterns trailing up your staircase or along the edge of a deck (we have some beautiful ones in stock!) look even more magical decorated with some flowers, succulents, and tillandsias. Surround your candle with plants spilling out or just decorate the top of the lantern, maybe with some vines and lichen dangling over the sides.


Bunches of wispy asparagus fern, dressed at the top with a large tillandsia air plant and maybe some fresh flowers, can be a beautiful way to welcome guests as a swag on your front door or tied along a stair rail.

Come see us at the gardens to make your own centerpieces and pick out plants to dress up your home for the season!