Ivette and Ben

Ivette and Ben came to me about doing their flowers way back when my two babies (see pic below!) were just the proverbial twinkle(s) in my eye. A couple of weeks ago they finally got married at the stunning Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin, a building whose state of elegant disrepair has been so well-preserved that you really feel transported in time. Did you see “The King’s Speech”? You know that gorgeous peeling paint and the huge skylights in the speech therapist’s office? That’s what this place is like (according to Haley, one of my lovely assistants, and she is absolutely right). So inspiring!

Originally Ivette and Ben were thinking about a “World’s Fair” theme for their celebration, but in the end they went a little less literal, and we tried to create a whimsical old-timey feel that would complement the location’s amazing vintage-ness.

Ivette's Bouquet 1

Ivette's Bouquet 2

Her bouquet had lots of springtime goodness, including some devastating orange ranunculus. Eventually I’ll share some pics of the couple, who were adorable. Ivette’s dress was perfect for her and for this bouquet… simple, flowy, and so elegant.

Ivette Ben 1

Ivette Ben 2

Ivette Ben 3

Ivette found some cute old cheese crates on ebay, so we used those for the centerpieces.

Ivette Ben 4

Ivette Ben 5

This is an underwater succulent “garden.” Go figure, right? The plants don’t last underwater terribly long, but it’s a pretty look for an event. The little favors are Ivette’s homemade Mexican wedding cookies.

I’ll pass on some more photos when they come my way. In the meantime, here’s one of our twins, Iris and Jonah. They pretty much put the flowers to shame, don’t they?


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  1. Cally Says:

    Beautiful Bouquet. It’s nice to see the orange and greens together, makes me want to eat sorbet!

  2. Wholesale Flowers Co Says:

    The bouquet is absolutely gorgeous! The ranunculus are beautiful and I love craspedia with its lovely yellow tone.

  3. Priscilla Says:

    Super cuties!!

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