Michele and Tony

Michele and Tony got married in our very own garden at Flora Grubb back in October. Couples who get married here at the nursery don’t need a whole lot of other d├ęcor, what with the plants everywhere and all, but Julie and I did their personal flowers: Michele’s bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, and a few amazing hairpieces. Their photographer, Marla Aufmuth, got some insanely beautiful shots and was generous enough to share them. Please check out more of Marla’s lovely work on her site.

This photo of Michele’s bouquet appeared in the SF Chronicle in a piece about the wedding. The ingredients: sempervivum rosettes and sedum ‘nussbaumerianum’ (that’s the orange-ish succulent); senecio ’string of pearls’; some pittosporum foliage; echinacea; various tillandsias; a fragrant, lemony geranium; orange cockscomb and chocolate cosmos.

Michele Ronsen and Tony Marcell's wedding at Flora Grubb, San Fr


What a dress! Later on in the evening, the lovely white layer on top was removed to reveal Michele’s gorgeous orange party dress underneath. Michele and Autumn Adamme, the owner of Dark Garden, collaborated on the design of the dress.


Here’s a nice detailed shot of Michele’s hairpiece. Julie Benjamin made it, of course, along with the stunning boutonnieres below.


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    [...] I personally love succulents and love Flora Grub (I like to just go sit in their garden), and Susie did an amazing job with Michele’s flowers, have a look at Flora Grub’s blog. [...]

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