Alysia and Arthur

February 28th, 2013

How about this for a little change of pace: A wintry, metallic black tie wedding at the City Club last Thanksgiving weekend. The bride is my lovely and talented friend and colleague Alysia Marie. I have to admit to feeling pretty nervous making wedding flowers for another florist… but my husband and I were lucky enough to attend the wedding, and I was like a proud mommy watching her bouquet come down the aisle on her arm. If you have never been to a wedding celebrating the union of a Russian family with a Greek one, you’ve never lived. It was a fantastic time and such a sweet tribute to a fun couple. Saul and I are still recovering from our collective hangover. And now for the pretty flowers… photos by Jade Studio:


Alysia and Arthur refer to the large xerographica tillandsia above as their pet. She wanted to incorporate it in her bouquet with some metallic foliage (silvertree), dramatic creamy white roses, grevillea and orchids for a bit of crimson red, and seeded eucalyptus. Looped phormium leaves echoed the forms of the tillandsia tendrils. To add a little subtle bling, we gilded the eucalyptus seeds with a spray bakers use to gild cupcake frosting. For real. So pretty and nontoxic!





Erica and Jeff

February 18th, 2013

Here are a few sunny photos from an August wedding at the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross. I love when the pics come in and I can see on a bride’s face just how gloriously happy she was that day. It makes me feel lucky to do this job! Thanks to photographer Stacey Klemme for sharing these beautiful shots.




I did a lot of purple weddings last year, but Erica had a nice fresh take on the color palette, choosing creamy white for contrast and a deep, rich shade of eggplant purple mixed with vibrant greens. Here are a couple of the sweet little bridesmaid bouquets:







I knew I liked this couple all along, and then they named their tables after their favorite SF Giants, which further endeared them to my heart. Thanks, Erica and Jeff! Hope married life is treating you well.

Leila and Philip, Part 2

February 15th, 2013

With this warm weather, lots of spring flowers are coming into bloom, reminding me of one of my favorite weddings from last March. It was a rainy day but the flowers were bright and lush. I’ve posted some of our own photos before; these come courtesy of photographer Sara Brooke Curtis, a friend of the bride and groom. Thanks for sharing, Sara!




This is as close as we get to a detail shot of Leila’s bouquet… can’t see much in the way of flowers, but this photo is so fabulous! Happy happy!


We used an aerium for a ring “pillow.” The aerium was passed around among the guests so each could give their blessing to the marriage.


The ranunculus we found for this wedding were so stunning. They are some of my favorite spring flowers… rose-like but not precious, with a kind of fresh-picked look but still refined and elegant.





Kristine and Andrew

November 30th, 2012

Here’s a little summer color for you on a rainy winter day… this sweet couple got married in at the Headlands Center for the Arts back in August. I was lucky to find those melon-colored dahlias; the bride asked for them, and they were few and far between this year! Perfect with her bridesmaids’ emerald green dresses. We made the centerpieces in a cornucopia-style to mirror a style the bride’s mother loved from a florist near her home in the Philippines. Kind of winged it on that one, but they turned out beautifully! Photos by Michael Ash Imagery. Thank you for sharing, Michael!

Kristine Bouquets

Kristine's Bouquet

Kristine's Bouquet 2

Kristine Toast

Altar Bouquets

Gift Table


Place Cards

Kristine Centerpiece

Stacey and Duane

October 7th, 2012

I love a nice muted palette for weddings on the coast. Stacey and Duane were married in the fireplace living room of a small inn in Mendocino on a rainy day. Can’t get much more romantic than that. We used soft champagne and rose tones with dove grays and silvery greens. Have a look. The first three photos have been generously shared with us by Kate Harrison; the others I took myself.








Sonja and Chris

September 26th, 2012


Almost eight years ago, Saul and I got married in the ruins of an old winery near Kenwood. I passed the spot a few weeks back, driving up to Sonja and Chris’s wedding with my truck full of dahlias. As usual on the day of a wedding, I’d been driving with white knuckles, pumping the A/C to the point of absurdity, worrying about the flowers and the traffic and the time. But then, just a few miles away from my delivery, I realized I was passing the place where we had our best party ever, our most magical night. Such clichés, but I really do feel those things about our wedding. Feeling them again on highway 12 made me remember why I like this job. There’s so much pressure in doing weddings, so much stress, but it’s all because of how meaningful the celebration is. It makes sense to me that we want to surround ourselves with natural beauty when we get married. I hope I’m helping to make this happen for the couples I work with.

Anyway, here are some shots of Chris and Sonja’s flowers. These made me so happy. I liked working with Sonja because she just loves flowers so much. Dinner-plate dahlias from our favorite little grower in Half Moon Bay; eucalyptus pods and blooms; some ferns and liquidambar; abelia; some locally grown orchids. Garden roses, antique hydrangea. Succulents and tillandsias. We used passiflora and Boston ivy for the large altarpiece bouquets. There’s even a little bit of coleus and begonia in there, cut from our nursery stock.

First a few angles on Sonja’s bouquet, then some shots from their mountaintop ceremony. The reception was deep underground in a candlelit wine cave… my meager photography skills couldn’t capture the loveliness in there, but I did get a couple of shots of the centerpieces outside among the grapevines.









Estee and Judd

September 19th, 2012

Springtime always feels far away when the first chill of fall comes around… but the photos from Estee and Judd’s wedding bring me right back to May. These two were so fun to work with. I loved their plan to pair rich, bright colors with soft shades of gray. They got married in the Santa Cruz mountains at Nestldown, so dewy and green at that time of year. Our team: Julie Benjamin, of course (most of our corsages and boutonnieres are her handiwork), and the lovely and talented Alysia Marie Floral. Photos by Julie Bullock / Thanks for sharing, Julie!


There are no words for those peonies. Right? No words. Also found some very early dahlias, peak ranunculus, spray roses, lady’s mantle, dusty miller, craspedia. Succulents and tillandsias for touches of gray and crazy texture.





If you can see past the flower girl’s adorable orange dress, you’ll spot that she is carrying a sempervivum-studded kissing ball about as big as her head. We intended for it to be slightly more petite, but it just kept getting bigger and bigger! So sweet.







Congratulations, Estee and Judd! I hope married life is treating you both very well!

Selene and Jason

July 23rd, 2012

Here are a few lovely centerpieces and bouquets from Selene and Jason’s June wedding in Los Gatos. Purple has been a popular color this year. My New York florist friend Liza Lubell reports the trend is happening all the way over on her end of the nation as well. What gives? I guess it feels luxurious and romantic… and it sure does look purty with the muted grays and greens of the succulent palette. I’ll take it.

Selene and Jason 1

Selene and Jason 2

Selene and Jason 3

Selene Bouquets

Sarah and Alex, Part 2

June 22nd, 2012

Oh my, these are some dreamy photos… you might remember Sarah and Alex’s Headlands wedding from an earlier post with my own (inferior) pics. Here are their professional shots, taken by Lydia Chen of Lydia Chen Fotography. Thanks to Lydia, Sarah, and Alex for sharing these!

Sarah and bouquet

Alex's boutonniere

Sarah and ladies 2


For each of Sarah’s lovely bridesmaids, we drew a single color from the overall palette and went for a monochrome-ish look to contrast with their creamy neutral dresses. Here are close-ups of three of them:




And a few great shots of flowers from their reception below… We collected vintage brass bowls and vessels for the centerpieces. I stacked three of them here for a tiered wedding “cake” arrangement for their guestbook table:

Sarah and Alex wedding cake

Sarah and Alex tray

The place card table is below, with apothecary bottles collected by the couple. That crazy big gold flower is a dried cardoon!


Sarah and Alex Centerpiece

One of my favorite weddings ever. Delicious.

More Monica and Ryan!

June 14th, 2012

Just received this lovely shot from Monica and Ryan, whose wedding I posted yesterday. Don’t they look so happy? Just when I get a little burnt out on weddings, a shot like this comes in and I get excited about them all over again. Photo is by Kate Harrison. Thanks for sharing, Kate!