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Outdoor Vertical Gardens
Succulent Wreaths

Made of live succulents, these wreaths will grow and change over time and make a beautiful welcome on your door, fence or wall. They are available only here in the nursery and our Web Shop during special seasons. What a beautiful gift, too!

ABOVE: This stunner harmonizes blue-green, apple, and chartreuse.  


Photo by Caitlin Atkinson

ABOVE: We have succulent wreaths in several beautiful designs and they range in diameter from 10 inches to 16 inches.


Caring for the succulent wreath is easy.

Gently submerge the wreath when you take it home. Let the water drain from the wreath before mounting it on a vertical surface like a door or fence.

Wait until the mossy planting medium has dried out before watering again.

You can also spritz the plants with water to remove dust and keep them looking fresh. They will still need watering by the submersion method.

For a permanent location, choose a bright spot outdoors that doesn’t expose the wreath to direct sunlight for more than an hour.

For the holiday season it can temporarily tolerate shadier conditions. It can even decorate your interior for a few days at a time.

The dwarf-pagoda wreath is the best type to grow in a bright indoor spot.

Feed with a weak balanced fertilizer solution three times a year.

When displaying your succulent wreath indoors as a centerpiece on your table or mantle, use a plate underneath to protect surfaces.

The succulents will grow and even bloom over time. Feel free to prune them, tucking cuttings into the ring of planting medium or rooting them in pots and elsewhere in your garden.