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Hearth Heated Lounge

The simplest and most welcome innovation in garden furniture we’ve seen in, oh, forever, is the Hearth Lounge. What’s so great about it, you ask? It’s warm! Designers Galanter & Jones have brought the principles of radiant floor heat to their stylish and comfortable cast-stone seating. Our cool-weather gardens will never be the same.

ABOVE: We have two colors for you to see here at the nursery, with several others available by order. The polished texture and curves make the lounge very comfortable.


The Hearth Lounge is a magnet for garden gregariousness, as Mary, Evan, Flora, and Jim demonstrate at top. But our cat Chammy, below, revels on it for hours – with or without company. Come take a seat next to Chammy to experience the wonder of a warm winter seat.