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Beachside’s New Trees

Ocean Beach coffee haven Java Beach CafĂ© is spawning a new restaurant, Beachside, on Judah and 48th Avenue, a block away from their La Playa mother ship. They’re throwing a big opening block party on Saturday, August 27. In keeping with plantings we helped with a couple of years back, the owners, Buffy & Pat Maguire, picked colorful Cordylines (New Zealand cabbage trees) for their new street trees. Matti (Flora Grubb Gardens colleague, Far Out Flora blogger, and Java Beach neighbor) took photos back when the site was still under construction:

New Zealand cabbage tree

Cordyline 'Dark Star' mingles with Yucca 'Jewel' on Judah Street.

Love the movement of the photo. Nothing’s more characteristic of the site than ocean winds, which these plants will have the gumption to tolerate.

Outerlands 48th Avenue Judah

Beachside's awnings and pink paint bring a touch of Playland to the Outerlands.

Here’s an article in the Ocean Beach Bulletin with the full report on the Maguires’ new restaurant.

Cordyline australis, one of the parent species of these Cordyline ‘Dark Star’, grows happily by the sea in its home range, New Zealand, a land whose ocean winds may be even more severe than San Francisco’s. Thriving alongside will be succulent Aeonium ‘Rubrum’ from the Canary Islands (where they’re nurtured by misty fogs and occasional winter rains), and jade-like soft-tipped Yucca elephantipes ‘Jewel’, a curiously adaptable tree yucca from Central America. It’s so satisfying to use tough-as-nails plants that provide a lush, colorful accent in a horticulturally stressful climate.

The new plantings on Judah will complement the colorful walls of Beachside.

2 Responses to “Beachside’s New Trees”

  1. Dirty Girl Gardening Says:

    gorgeous! love the trippy-dippy pics, too!

  2. b Says:

    theyll covered in rust in weeks.

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